Thanksgiving-4th of July

My dad has an obsession with buying Turkeys. There’s apparently these awesome coupon deals at Foodland around thanksgiving and he scoops them up and freezes them.

Then in August he heads out to go fishing for a week in Alaska. He comes back with at least 100 lbs of fish. So he needs to clear out freezer space. Hence, his Thanksgiving during the 4th of July weekend party.

There was also some packers love going on in the house. Ugh.


He told me it was going to be nothing big. Just turkey and gravy. I guess he was right, because he only had turkey cooked two ways, 2 types of cranberry, sweet potato, green been casserole, 2 appetizers, rice, and 1 pie and ice cream. That was actually pretty darn tame for the guy.


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