Get your facts straight people!!!

A lady Ryan works with knew Ryan was somehow related to my dad and asked if Ryan knew her nephew… Since her nephew was dating my dad’s oldest daughter.

The comment wasn’t so strange in theory since Hawaii is so tiny that everyone plays six degrees of separation all the time.


The comment was strange however because I am my dad’s oldest daughter. To summarize, a lady asked Ryan if he knew the guy dating his wife.


To Ryan’s credit, he told me that while he was definitely getting a name, he was pretty much 100% sure the lady was incorrect…


Seriously though, I know people cheat but who the hell has the time for shit like that… any free time I have in my life is spent collapsing in bed, exhausted…. or you know, looking up gifs for a tumblr post.

Turns out the lady’s nephew is dating my younger step-sister, and he goes by a nickname to his family members.


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