No end to my Hamilton obsession…


There’s a super prestigious program at work that my team member is applying for and she needed me to write a letter of recommendation on her behalf. I may or may not have lifted words from Alexander Hamilton in my recommendation…

[She’s worked] a lot harder, by bein’ a lot smarter, by bein’ a self-starter….

I mean I really should get a boss of the year award for that rec, right?

My coworker received a call that she is one of the finalists in that prestigious program she applied for and the HR person she talked to said that one of the reasons she was in the running is because of MY awesome letter of recommendation. The next step is that she has a panel interview with the executive officers of the company. I offered to go with her and rap my support LMM-style but she turned me down.

But seriously, I feel that I am completely unbiased in restating that I am truly the best boss you could ever have. The most humblest too!

(via hawaiigurlinct)

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