My Mom’s Birthday Dinner…

Which has now been dubbed the Dinner that Ryan was uninvited to. In actuality Emma was uninvited, or my mom decided to pick a place that Emma would not be welcomed at, so Ryan was therefore uninvited to be on baby duty. It would have been okay since he had planned to go out with his family to a local restaurant, but then Flu 2016 hit our household and instead he was on sick-baby duty. I made up for it by being the parent that then contracted Flu 2016 from Emma, so I don’t feel too bad for leaving him behind. But anyway, I’m going off-track. The last time I had been to the top of the Ala Moana Hotel it was a completely different restaurant, but when we went in mid-May it had turned into the Signature Prime Restaurant, specializing in meats. I had done my yelp research a head of time and settled on:


Ahi Katsu


Avocado and Onion Salad


Rack of Lamb


and truffled mashed potatos (which comes with all entrees).

We decided to skip dessert in order to try a new(ish) ice cream place next to my mom’s condo but when we got there the ice cream place had just closed.

But since I was the obnoxious one that pounced on the hostess’s question about whether we were celebrating anything by declaring it was my mom’s birthday, we weren’t lacking in the sweets department.


The results? Food 2/2 Musubis, Service 1/1 Musubi, Ambiance: 1/1 Musubi – I wish I had taken pictures as the restaurant sits on top of a hotel in Ala Moana and we had a gorgeous view of the beach below, Price to Portion: 0/1 Musubi (a little too expensive for what we got, I’d go if someone else wanted to but otherwise, it just wasn’t worth the $$$).

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