January 2016: A Summary because I’ve been all work, work, work and zero blog, blog, blog


New Years started off with a party at my Aunt’s house. I had brought over a pack n’ play in the hopes that I could put Emma down at her bedtime and then enjoy staying up to ring in the New Year. Ryan was skeptical but Holla! it totally worked at I got to watch the men light our fireworks to welcome in the new year. Though I have to say, the whole firework thing was super depressing this year. The last time I celebrated the New Year in Hawaii, the crazy anti-fireworks laws hadn’t been put into effect yet and I spent hours outside with my cousins, drinking beer and littering the sky with blues and reds and greens. This year even sparklers were illegal. WHAT?! I mean… yay to less fires…


The first work day of the new year didn’t start off so great… still haven’t gotten that fixed yet…


…But we ended the week with a picnic dinner at the beach. I had been in Hawaii for a little over 10 months at that point but the fact that we were enjoying dinner on the beach in January was still super surreal.


We discovered a new neighborhood playground (which omg has since been roped off as off limits because the wood Emma is standing on in the picture totally caved in).

My workload started to suck (yay accounting…. ugh).

And Emma had her first dentist appointment.

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