Work win!

Work has been hard lately. Super hard. Wait until the last of your team leaves at 3 AM just so you can have a good cry over the stress of it hard.

But my 3 month long project finished up on Friday and today I’m hoping to finish all the documentation so I can go back to my merry old life of not crying over the stress of it all at 3 AM.

My coworkers really are awesome though. At a work function I had on Friday I got dragged over to the CEO of the company where he was told to “thank Sonja – this wouldn’t have happened without her.”

And today I got forwarded an email that was from a bunch of colleagues to my boss chiming in that I was pretty much awesome (summarizing here).

Considering the stress it put on my family (Emma now has separation anxiety and Ryan is none too pleased with the whole situation), my health (I almost checked myself into the hospital after every part of my body was in such excruciating pain I could barely move…. And then realized I was going through severe dehydration since I had forgotten to drink water… In forever), and my weight (see previous post), a HUGE bonus for all the crap I went through would be awesome…. (Please please please please please!!!!) But for now – piling on the compliments and thanks are definitely helping me get through the next 4 days before jetting off to spend time on Maui recuperating from it all.

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