For context: I bought Ryan and myself season tickets to the plays at Diamond Head Theater, which I dreamed about doing for years while I was living in CT. The only problem is until a couple months ago I haven’t seen a play outside of Broadway in forever. And… Um…. Yeah…. There’s a reason why Broadway tickets are $$$…. Anyway not the point of my post.

Me: I’m surprised that you really wanted to see Camelot. I love it but I didn’t think that was your thing.

Ryan: Why not? I love Spamalot…. And Galavant.

Me: So here’s a couple of things that are different: no coconuts, no singing about spam, no cow, no rabbit, no diva lady of the lake, no gay King Arthur, no Knights… Or ki-ni-gets that say ni, no shrubs…

Ryan: it’s actually shrubbery.

Me: no shrubbery, no Britney Spears reference, no cheerleaders…

Ryan: Are there Knights???!!!

Me: yes… But they don’t sing about themselves.

Ryan: this sounds horrible.

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