October 2015

My cousins threw a baby shower for their little sister. I was so, so, so excited to not miss another family get together by being in CT. Also, it felt like my life made a full circle since I moved to the East Coast when my cousin was heavily pregnant with Baby #1. I missed his birth. But I was back home for her 4th baby! Yay babies!


We went to visit a pumpkin patch. I was so excited to be able to still do this New England tradition of ours.

We went our high school’s annual homecoming Flaming P (they light a P for Punahou on fire) with a couple friends and watched in awe as the State Champion Fire Dancer (a sophomore at Punahou) performed his awesome dance before lighting the P.

And since my high school is celebrating it’s 175th birthday, the school ended the flaming P with an impressive firework show.

For most of the show Emma rocked out to music while sitting on my shoulders or being carried by Ryan.

We headed out to see the Kaneohe Bay Air Show with military planes, an airshow, rides and food.

We “ran” (okay we walked… it was too crowded to run with a stroller) in the Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer 5K. A run made even more important to me after learning this year that my ex-boss was diagnosed with breast cancer and has just completed her last round of chemotherapy. Such a strong lady!

My dad and I have a standing lunch date every month. This month I took him to a fabulous raw vegan restaurant my Mother-In-Law introduced me to awhile back called Greens and Vines. The food is excellent and I am still drooling over their “Living Lasagna” months later…

…but boy are those portion sizes tiny. I ended up eating a second lunch a couple hours later because I was starving.

I freaked out about having to bring healthy halloween treats to daycare. Thank God for pinterest. Too bad 3 other moms had the same idea.

There was a Halloween party with my Dad and family.

And of course October closed with the actual Halloween. Which was was HOT. And mosquito-infested. And definitely not the snowstorm, frigid weather I’m used to. So Emma (and Ryan and me) lasted about 30 minutes in costume and then found more comfortable clothes.

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