June 2015

We finally got a new oven and microwave (what what)!

And started swimming lessons.

She’s thrilled… really…

We found an awesome breakfast spot in YogurStory which amongst other things serves purple (ume) pancakes.

Emma’s day care was closed for Kamehameha Day so I took the day off and we headed to the Children’s Discovery Center.

I loved the Discovery Center so much as a kid I begged to go there all the time. My picture is even up on the wall there.

Emma started speaking but never learned to say momma.

For work I ended up in meetings in the Executive Board room, which comes equipped with general ledgers from the 1800s!

Emma turned one… on the day that same sex marriage became legal in every state.

 …And got baptized in Ryan’s and my (and Obama’s!) high school chapel.

AND… I gave up breastfeeding after 367 days. Halle-freaking-luya.

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