April 2015

My cousin threw an Easter Egg dying party at her house.

Finally getting to enjoy the wonderful parts of living in Hawaii (beaches and sunset dinners along said beach).

The Easter Bunny visited.

I had to revoke my previous invite of Easter Dinner to my dad and step-mom because my oven was not yet fixed. But they offered to show up at the house with all the food cooked by them instead.

We went to the fair of my rival high school. It was nice. My high school’s carnival is better. But theirs was pretty good too.

I dressed up Emma as Curious George for her 1-year-old birthday invitations. And made friends with the neighbor when I asked if I could use his yard that totally was going to work with my motif.

I entered Emma and myself in a 5K.

My mom (who was staying with me to help get the house back in living condition) got devastating news and headed back to take care of my step-father (who was suffering from pulmonary fibrosis).

It sounded like things were getting a little better, considering. But in the end we lost him. My in-laws were unbelievable and stayed with Emma so I could take off for Washington for a long weekend to be with my mom (and sister who had flown in as well).

A rough weekend for all with the silver lining of me getting to meet the newest (at the time) edition of my college group’s family.

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