March 2015

We moved in to my childhood home that we are renting from my mom. And it was a disaster thanks to the worst renters on the planet.

This is what an oven looks like when someone shatters the door.

Ryan flew back to CT. I started work and Emma started day care. Single Parent-dom gulp.

Emma and I got sick (this will be a recurring storyline in 2015). Emma got to call out sick to her first week at day care. I was not so lucky.

Emma experienced new food. Including dairy. Guess whose allergic to dairy products. ER trip here we come.

Ryan sent Emma care packages (especially fantastic because I had not yet found baby clothing stores in Hawaii… still haven’t, she is outfitted in either Costco or by her very doting grandparents and friends).

I had the choice to have Emma pose with either the Easter bunny or Disney princesses. No contest.

And there was a fire in the neighborhood! (No one was hurt.)

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