February 2015

February may have been the most stressful month of 2015… which looking back on that – yay for 10 months of improvement after that. I was working 2 jobs during busy season for both (Hawaii job had signed me up as a consultant) and we were fixing up our house. That basically meant there was at least 1 weekend spent with Emma binge-watching Curious George (A+ parenting me!) in a hotel room while I worked on 1 or both of my jobs while Ryan stayed at the condo overseeing construction in 0 degree weather (because I apparently took a screenshot) and a crappy heater.

But I took random pictures of Emma in various seat apparatuses.

And then there were the goodbye parties. There was a crazy one at work that had me dancing on top of the bar handing out shots to my dear coworkers below (alas, I figured that those pictures would not be good for my career if my blog was ever found). Followed by a party that I threw for myself to say goodbye to my second family (which is just picture after picture of me crying).

I also sold my car (more crying).

AND WE MOVED! Or two of us did… and one came to help.

Also…13 hour flight means pumping in the airplane bathroom. (Hawaiian airlines is amazing – I read a blogger’s recommendation to tell a flight attendant what I was doing so they didn’t freak out when I took a long time and when I did they asked if I could wait a little bit because they were going to clean the bathrooms and wanted me to have a clean bathroom to do it in!)

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