I had this *cute* (read: dorky and boring) plan last week to finally post all the things I meant to write about in 2015 but didn’t as a countdown to 2016. And then I got hit with a horrible bout of food poisoning / stomach flu that lasted the entire week (fingers crossed that I get to keep down my dinner for the first time in 7 days). TMI? Anyway, so I clearly missed that because I spent every free moment trying not to hurl into the toilet. Okay that was definitely TMI…

So now it’s the first Monday of January meaning the first busy season of 2016 and I need a break from staring at numbers because zzzzzzzz so here we go…

January 2015

Job offer signed. Cats blood drawn. Trying to find a company that moves households from Connecticut to Hawaii without bankrupting us. And trying to soak in as much time with friends before moving 5,000 miles away from them.

OMG who is this roly poly kid???

Meeting my goddaughter.

And finally getting to watch my lord and savior in concert.

Garth! Garth! Garth! Garth!

…which involved hauling my 7-month-old daughter, mother-in-law and husband up to Boston for the show in what turned out to be one of the best weekends ever. Emma saw snow for the first time.

I saw Garth.

And Garth turned 2 lukewarm country-fans (college friends living in Boston) and 1 country-hater (ahem Ryan) into full on Garth Brooks fans.

Then our movers came and boxed us all up… on the worst snow storm of the year. Which means they left and didn’t come back for a couple days.

And then they came back and moved us out.

The Monday after our stuff moved out I ended up telling my boss that I would be leaving the company at the end of February. I walked out of that meeting and received a call from the Hawaii Company’s HR department. I had failed my drug test. Not a super commonly known fact (maybe): if you breast feed you should be drinking A LOT of water. At the height of my breast feeding I drank over 100 oz of water a day. Lesser known fact: one way you can fail a drug test is by over diluting your urine sample. Since over dilution can apparently cause drugs to not show up in your urine, they will just fail you automatically. Guess who failed for over dilution? Despite the fact that obviously I wasn’t actually on drugs, I was FREAKED OUT. I had one more shot and then my offer would be revoked. I drank nothing but diet coke for a full 24-hours before drug test take 2 (yeah yeah overkill I know). I never felt so unhealthy. And I passed with flying colors.

Things you should pass on doing if you can help it: calling your future male boss before you’ve ever met him in person to explain what happened by referencing your breast milk production and diluting urine.

And that’s January!

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