Fox News in disguise

I haven’t been too excited by the radio stations in Hawaii. All the morning shows suck and the songs they play are around 2 years old at least. So I’ve been alternating between Emma’s kid tune CDs and the Hawaiian song station in the morning and iHeart radio’s Z100 in the afternoon (and squeal if I’m leaving work after midnight because then I get Elvis Duran’s morning show on Z100… Be still my heart!)

BUT the other day I found the xmas song station and have added it into the rotation. Until yesterday when their morning show came on and they started talking about San Bernadino and gun control. I excitedly tuned in while shouting out an apology to Emma that we wouldn’t be listening to “Do You Know The Muffin Man?” this morning. And what do you know, but in the state with the least gun-related deaths and heavy gun control laws (go figure), it turned out to be a talk shows about how “those horrible liberals are trying to take away our second amendment rights” and “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

Damn you Fox News wannabe. Damn you.

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