The Happiest 5K on Earth (take 2)

The first 5K I ever did was the New York Color Run (although I’ve had pretty much every runner I know tell me it doesn’t count as an actual 5K… eh… suck it) and so I figured out what better way to kick off mission critical: lose 50 lbs than by signing up for the Hawaii Color Run. The fact that it was less than a 2-hour drive away and didn’t involve setting an alarm (thanks to our every day alarm clock called Emma) to get out of bed this time around made Ryan a much more willing participant than when I made us haul our butts to Brooklyn at 5 AM.


The long wait before it started got mini-me pretty fussy, but she was game at first to humor me with obligatory before-shot pictures.

Meanwhile, as we waited I saw a couple babies that looked like they were less than 3 months old, a 95-year-old woman, and a heavily pregnant woman pushing her toddler in a stroller, so pretty much everyone was out in force to be doused in colors.

I was worried at first about how my stroller would fair with the multiple dousing of colors, but the color sprayers were actually really careful to not get Emma or the stroller too colored.

Although clearly by the last color run-through she was still over the entire event.


Nonetheless, she was thrilled by her 5K “medal” when it was all over.


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