Halloween 2015

In case you couldn’t tell, I’m the type of person who will force my family to dress up together in a theme-costume until my child dies of embarrassment. I had the perfect idea for this year’s theme until Ryan adamantly refused to wear anything other than his renaissance costume (in solidarity for no longer living in a state that has a renaissance faire I’m guessing). So I went back to the drawing board and decided that he could be the huntsman from Snow White (decked out in his renaissance gear), I could be the evil queen, and Emma would be Snow White.

Halloween - 01

For the Friday before Halloween, my dad asked if the three of us wanted to go to a Halloween party for kids with him and my step-mom. I jumped at the chance and started discussing what Ryan and I would be wearing. My dad tried to explain to me that adults rarely dressed up. I said I didn’t care and joked that he could join us and be a dwarf. I could pretty much hear him rolling his eyes at me through the phone. And yet 2 weeks later he told me that my step-sister and step-brother would be coming and all four of them had dwarf shirts and ears.

Halloween - 03

Meanwhile, Ryan kept telling me to stop making a “I have to fart” face whenever I tried to embody the Evil Queen. Whatever!

Halloween - 02

As I was writing this I was curious as to what I had previously been for halloween so I looked back on old posts and cracked up at my 2013 comment that I canceled my halloween plans due to a stomach bug. Yeah… that was no bug… that was Emma giving me a horrible case of morning all-day-sickness for months on end.

2014 – Work

2014 – Home


2012 – Sad apparently, nothing made it onto the bloggy-blog… but I was a vampire



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