And that’s why I married Ryan

I’m planning on hosting my family’s annual Christmas Eve dinner, which means coming up with games to play. Because I am an overplanner I have totally written all my jeopardy questions and typed up all my Christmas song quizzes even though it’s not even Halloween. One of the games I’m planning was a game my Aunt used in 2000. Guests secretly write down what they want for Christmas and then everyone has to guess who wanted what (in 2000 I wrote down a car… unfortunately, I ended up getting something along the lines of long underwear and a turtleneck).

In theory I think the game is awesome, which is why I’m using it this year. But in actuality I was upset for awhile after we originally played that game. My boyfriend at the time had listed that he wanted “to be happy”. My family good-naturedly ribbed us the rest of the night that it must be because I wasn’t making him happy. What they didn’t know what that he had actually broken up with me earlier in the week (his family didn’t celebrate Christmas so we figured it would be easier to just have him come to one last family event before we both went back to college).

Fast forward 15-years and I was shocked to find out that thinking about that game bothered me enough to approach Ryan, tell him the story and ask that he keep whatever answer he was going to give at the very superficial level.

He stared at me dumbfounded and answered that “to be happy” was such a stupid thing to have written down and a complete waste of a Christmas gift request. And that he of course be writing down that he wanted either a watch, new computer game or zombie-apocalypse survival gear.

That’s my man!

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