Pumpkin Patch Time!

While growing up in Hawaii was wonderful, there was definitely things I was sad I never got to experience until I was an adult: seeing a MLB game, wandering through a corn maze, seeing the leaves change colors, and going apple/pumpkin/strawberry/[insert food here] picking. So I was surprised when I saw several Hawaii friends post pictures of their families at a pumpkin patch last October. Turns out there are actually a couple places you can go to pick your own pumpkin and this weekend we went to Aloun Farms to get ours.

Since it was the first weekend that Aloun Farms was open for pumpkin picking (and corn and sunflowers too), there was a bunch of rides, bouncy castles and carnival games… which were clearly targeted for kids a little older. But we got to take in the sights and by holding onto our hands Emma was even able to walk through the pumpkin patch herself. Which clearly tuckered her out enough to take a 3-hour nap once we got back (I might have taken a 3-hour nap too).

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