Tumblr buddy, thank you!!!!! And apologies for the last post because your present actually came towards the beginning of the week after making it through probably about 8 or so hurricanes to get to Hawaii (BTW I am soooo over hurricane season… but that is for a different post.) ANYWAY! You found the perfect gifts.

In my mind this was going to be an amazing shot with great lighting but what you don’t see in this picture is me quickly taking the picture with one hand while holding Emma back with the other as she kept grabbing for the scarf.


Emma loved the book AND bows. I’ll admit, I was actually shocked that she liked the latter. I LOVE LOVE LOVE putting her hair up, but Emma… not so much …. I am a mean parent and pretty much just bully her into it all the time. But this time after she yanked it off (as she typically does with any hair bows), she saw the rose, patted and kissed it, and then demanded that it get put back on her head. Crazy kid wore it to day care all day. YIPPEE!


As for the book, we have yet to get past page one because she is so into checking out if the elephant is still behind the flap every two seconds. At this rate the book may take half a year to read! It’s slightly annoying because I actually do want to know what other animals the zoo sent!


And as for the gorgeous scarf… it’s so perfect. It is supposedly only 85ish degrees outside, but with the humidity and vog it feels like a sauna. So the air conditioners are working overtime to stop everyone from melting and it feels like it’s 50-60 degrees inside. I pretty much wore this every day this week as the perfect bridge between OHMAHGAWD-why-is-it-so-hot and seriously-turn down-the-AC.

I do have one problem though, I don’t know if I missed it… but while I know your actual name now – I couldn’t find your tumblr username anywhere… I’d love to know who you are on here!

Update: Mystery solved! Thank you luster-and-light!

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