Emma is all grown up and breaking my heart

Around 3 months ago Emma went from scampering away (or scooting away on her butt) from me the second we got to daycare to being a clingy mess, always in tears in the morning and prone to causing her other toddler friends to melt down just by being around her.

Recently she’s gotten much better but it’s still a touch-and-go moment when I first set her down each morning as to how she’ll react. And then today happened. Today she was fascinated by a new kid that was melting down over his mom leaving (I feel your pains!). So fascinated that after calling out her name repeatedly to say good-bye the closest I got to an acknowledgement was that she finally raised her left hand and waved at me while still staring at the new kid.

An over the shoulder wave without even looking. Excuse me while I huddle into a ball and cry.

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