Let me know if you want my autograph…

I’d say I’m going to take a moment to humble brag but there’s nothing humble about this…. Guys I’m super famous!!! As in there was a HUGE picture of me in the paper!!!!

Now here’s the part where you find out what a horrible person I am. My company was doing a community service day last weekend and I was less than thrilled because it was going to involve me…. In the hot sun…. Sweating. And on the other side of the island. Like 31 miles away!!! (Which is clearly me jumping back into a Hawaii mentality because my NY office was 41 miles away from my CT house and I didn’t think it was that far away.) I definitely spent weeks more concerned about myself than helping some adorable kids fix up their school on the other side of the island. I even refused to drive my new car out there and talked my mom into letting me driver her 1997 4-runner instead. The one thing that mollified me slightly was hearing that there would be a group shot of me in the paper. I knew you’d have to probably squint to make me out but hey – a picture in the paper is a picture in the paper!

So we got there and I faked that it wasn’t going to be hot… And sweaty…. And labor intensive… So that my coworkers didn’t know what a brat I was and while I was faking it I turned out to have a really good time (although painting straight lines in the parking lot was clearly not my forte). So look at that… Moral of the story: the selfish, AC-loving girl learned to enjoy giving back to the community and not receiving anything in return….. Until… I woke up the next day to an email from my mother-in-law about me being in the paper. I thought she meant my microscopic group shot at first. But hells no – it’s this huge picture of me painting!!! With my name mentioned!!! Clearly chosen out of the hundreds of shots taken that day because in front of me were two adorable kids that volunteered to help as well. Actual moral of the story: always pose next to cute kids!!!

So now I’m pretty much unbearable to live with and I am always telling Ryan things like, “fame won’t change our relationship even though I’m the Matt Damon to your Luciana.” I also go around singing “I’m the Queen of Hawaii” to the tune of the Newsies, “I’m the King of New York.”

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