Holy crap I can’t believe July is  over. Summer is flying by and this month was super busy. But busy fun, which is awesome. Because ever since we decided to move back to Hawaii it’s been just busy  hectic, busy stressful, busy anything but relaxing and fun. So please bear with my picture overload. It’s finally nice to have something to (over) share! After Emma’s birthday at the end of June (which really needs its own post), we had her baptism…

Followed by her birthday party the week  later (yeah, I have no pictures once the party started).

And then my grandmother’s 97th  birthday a couple weeks after that.

We finally went out on a couple real dates, first to Rokkaku, where I literally ate every item on their menu that had uni in it. I never thought I’d say this… but I’m a little sick of uni. (And in another story of Hawaii is such a small town, the people at the table next to us were discussing their opinions of the changes in senior management of the company I work for… weird.)

We went out to celebrate our 9 year  anniversary at Alan Wong’s (where I had to valet my car after I forgot to take Emma’s poop-filled diaper out of the car after a commute-to-day-care-incident and it baked in my hot car all day… so embarrassing).

We enrolled Emma in swim lessons. She had a blast. Ryan spent his Saturdays in the pool with Emma. I spent my Saturdays taking pictures of them and vowing to be  swimsuit ready by her next swim class.

We attended a mini, unofficial high school class reunion.

In honor of being swim suit ready, I  started working out, Couch 2 5K is a lot harder coming off a 2 year running (okay… anything exercise related) hiatus but it’s nice to have a running… errr… riding buddy.

We’ve been spending weekends at my
mom’s apartment. My mom is moving/moved back to Hawaii but is currently in Washington to sell her home she lived in with my late step-father. Soooo we may be enjoying the prime real estate, pool and close proximity to the beach as our weekend getaway for the rest of summer. I think she appreciates us looking in on her condo on a weekly basis…. Or that’s what I keep telling her. And Emma’s favorite part? The view.

Meanwhile my favorite thing about her apartment: its close proximity to Genki Sushi! That place is fantastic. It’s one of those conveyor belt sushi restaurants but with the added benefit of having a touch screen menu to order anything that isn’t coming along the conveyor.

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