No tattoos for my kid! At least for now…

I have the quintessential girly-girl tattoo on my left shoulder… A butterfly. As a side note, I did get it after being devastated by my parents divorce and wanting something to signify that things would get better… But nevertheless, it is the typical every-girl-has-one tattoo.

The other day Emma was crawling around me (or scooting on her butt… She doesn’t crawl… Strange kid… Anywho…) while I was pumping and started whimpering and pointing at my back. I didn’t understand so I gave her a Duggar-style side hug to make her feel better and instead she started crying. I finally figured it out when she started pulling at the skin around my left shoulder blade… Hard. She was trying to remove the butterfly tattoo. (In other words, my 11 month old is braver than me – if a bug scares ME I run the hell away!)

I forgot about that incident until the same thing happened two more times… Now I’ll try to remember to keep that tattoo under wraps around her – and to remind her about this story one day when she tells me she wants to get a tattoo of her own.

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