My coworkers were telling stories of when they’ve gone to Paris for work. The only negative everyone kept coming up with was that our expense policy is pretty chintzy so you are only given $30/day to spend on food. Since that buys you practically nothing in Paris, there were multiple stories of people walking for hours on end to eat a cold, soggy sandwich or tasteless bowl of noodles in order to keep to the $30 budget.

Me: Um…. yeah, I’m not going to do that. I’m sorry, this is PARIS we are talking about! I’d just treat myself to wonderful parisian meals and pay out of pocket.

Everyone else: (not getting what I’m saying) Management would get mad!

Me: Why? It’s my own money. Technically, they’d never even know. I’d pay with my own Euros or my own personal credit card.

Everyone else: But it’s a work trip! Why would you spend your own money when you are working.

Me: You are in Paris! It’s a 16 hour flight plus layovers. Why would you go all that way to eat a soggy sandwich.

Everyone else: (look at me like I’ve grown a second head)

Me: It’s PARIS!!!!

Seriously though, it’s not just me right? It’s PARIS!!!

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