How to be a skinny-mini

-Have a kid

-Wait until said kid makes explosive diarrhea all over her clothes at day care

-Open sealed-for-the-last-eight-hours bag of diarrhea clothes and scrub the excess poop off the clothes

-Throw up your dinner due to smell that has now taken over the laundry room

-Decide to never eat again

Nah… Who am I kidding one hour later I decided to take a break from bottle cleaning to munch on cheese and drink a high-sugary drink.

I just can’t with all the feels today

– So sad to leave my baby girl back in Hawaii in order to make a last minute trip to Washington

– The excitement of 6 blissful hours on a plane to just relax

– The misery, anger and confusion as the trip is a result of my step-father’s death this past Monday

– The overwhelming thankfulness that my in-laws are uprooting their schedules yet again to watch Emma

– The sheer exhaustion of sleeping only 2 hours in the last 48 hours in order to make this trip happen

– The worry that I won’t know how to comfort my mom (because I’m not good with the feels)

AND while not as severe….

The mild annoyance that my solid Extra Virgin Coconut Oil was confiscated by tsa because that means pumping is going to be SORE!