CT to HI: an update

I thought quitting my much more work hours intensive job and moving to Hawaii would give me so much more tumblr time but a sick baby, sick self, 2-month stint as a single parent, and a house full of boxes to unpack beg to differ… So here’s a random summary of things that have happened over the past week(s).

– Emma was great on the first 5 hours of the flight. She didn’t fall apart until the next 7 hours. So that wasn’t fun. However, guess what is a 5 hour flight away from Hawaii??? Disneyland! Mickey here we come!

– 8,300 lbs of our stuff made it across the country relatively unbroken. Yay!

– The tenants that rented the Hawaii house before us (read: my childhood house) were a disgusting mess. As in they had a pet rat that they let roam free around the house. Ryan named the rat Fluffy. They didn’t take Fluffy with them when they moved out. Fluffy has since been electrocuted! (Relax animal/rat lovers, it is supposedly the most humane rat trap out there.)

– Hawaii IS cold! Apologies to everyone I ever bitched at for complaining about the cold in Hawaii while I was freezing in CT. Also… I’m now one of those people I previously hated.

– At lunch yesterday my boss’s boss told me he does a “progressive stairs” work out. He walks up 5 flights of stairs, walks back down to the bottom, walks up 6 flights of stairs, walks back down to the bottom. And so on for 11 flights. His goal is to get up to 30 flights. I felt motivated and walked up the 4 flights to my floor this morning. I wanted to die.

– Emma and I have both been sporting low grade fevers this week. I’m a little embarrassed that I’m super jealous that she got to be called out sick from day care for her 2nd and 3rd day of day care while I hauled my butt into work on my 2nd and 3rd day.

– On Saturday I will (fingers-crossed) have a house with cable and TV for the first time since January 24th. I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am!

– At work orientation on Monday there was an icebreaker where we went around the room and named the best food we’ve ever eaten. I said frozen foie gras from Momofuku Ko. Other people said, “my boyfriend’s cooking” or “sushi from the airport.” A favorite among several other new hires was to say something like “curry from a restaurant with yellow paint….” Since they didn’t know the name of the restaurant where their favorite food was served. WHAT?!!!! I was trying not to throw massive shade their way.

– At same orientation there was a girl in a fur-lines ski jacket. She didn’t take the jacket off all day. Okay, Hawaii isn’t actually THAT cold.

– I THINK Emma cut her first tooth today!! She was chowing down on my finger and I felt tooth ridges. Eek!!! I tried to see the tooth but she was NOT into me trying to prod her mouth open today.

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