Seriously…. How is it January already?

In December, Emma turned 6 months old, learned to flip over onto her back, started eating solid foods like frosting, and got bothered by teething.

Ohmygod my baby is almost going off to college!image

Although she may not being eating solids so much as wearing them.


Our house was too cluttered and small for a tree and everything I wanted to get Emma (and Ryan) for Christmas seemed silly to buy for them to open in December only to have it shipped to Hawaii in January… so instead, I tried to spend December taking Emma out to experience a CT/NY Christmas… even if she won’t remember a thing.

There was the tree at Rockefeller and even a Christmas-y Stamford house.

There were the lights at Kensico Dam.image

And a walk through of the amazing Setti’s Christmas Village (Great Christmas Light Fight Winner!!!). I cannot believe I didn’t know about this place until their final year. We got amazing parking thanks to a great tip from Jaclyn!


There were presents to be opened.


Which excited Emma so much she didn’t want to wait for me to dress her first….


If you are looking to give Emma a gift: her favorite present is wrapping paper. What’s under the wrapping paper is not important.

We went to the Holiday Train Show at the Botanical Gardens. I may have pointed to the replica of Yankee Stadium and explained to Emma that that was the enemy and discussed how she was born into Red Sox Nation…. we didn’t make any friends that day.


Lastly, we went on the Polar Express – a lovely train ride with carols and Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves. I think the ride was fantastic, but Ryan nearly had a heart attack, first with getting us to the train on time (there was a puke, poop, pee, puke fiasco that had to happen at the last minute), followed by us almost running out of gas and lastly sitting on the train and realizing that the actress singing to us was mic’d so it was a little loud for Emma when she sang but also pretty quiet from the audience… my daughter likes to make noise…. But she was a rockstar through it all.


Though clearly preferred her dad to Mrs. Claus.


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