Because the holidays and 2014 are over…. Emma’s first Christmas party

I’m always so timely and relevant.

Now that I’ve had two absolutely fabulous weeks off of work, I’m ready to gush about my current employer… not to worry, as I’m going into busy season tomorrow this gushing won’t last long. So one of the things current job does REALLY well is the annual kid-appropriate Christmas party in our NYC office.

They had Santa, Despicable Me Minions, a magician, face painting, build-a-bear, story time, caroling and my favorite…. free food in the cafeteria serving children’s menu type of food (read: all my favorites).

I kept Emma in pajamas for the ride down to the city and throughout the mayhem in the cafeteria for lunch (because apparently me stepping on a floorboard that creaks will wake her up but 100 screaming kids in a small enclosed space she can sleep through). When she finally woke up I excitedly changed her into the party dress I bought special for the day and then bumped into a coworker taking pictures. Not 2 minutes later and Emma had barfed all over the two of us. So back into pajamas she went and I made it my mission the following Monday to track down that picture of us.


Every kid was entitled to make a bear, monkey or reindeer from build-a-bear so I made this monstrosity of a monkey for Emma. It’s a little ridiculous looking – especially in its fairy dress (I couldn’t say no to the free costume), but most importantly it is a miracle worker. For some reason, Emma can take a nap if Mr. Monkey (in a dress) is near her without needing to be in her swing. Thank the lord!


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