Conversations with my dad

  • Dad:I was so impressed with [redacted’s] Christmas card this year I’m thinking of doing my own.
  • Me:Wow! That’s new.
  • Dad:But I’m going to do Valentine’s day cards instead.
  • Me:What?
  • Dad:Because everyone sends Christmas cards, mine would just get lumped in with everyone else. But no one sends a Valentine’s day card.
  • Me:So you are going to make Valentine’s day cards with pictures of you and [step-mom]?
  • Dad:And Beau D (their dog).
  • Me:I see. So all these years that you could have had Christmas cards done up with pictures of your children, and you passed. And now you are doing one with the dog?
  • Dad:Good point! Send me a picture of Emma, I’ll put her on the card too.

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