So Long, Farewell, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen

In June of 2009, Ryan returned home after attending his friend’s wedding in Hawaii and said, “I know we always say we’ll move back to Hawaii in 5 years, but can it actually be in 5 years?” While I was all for it (and in recent years was probably way more eager than Ryan has been about it), it seemed like a pipe dream. Finding jobs moving a household 5,000+ miles across the country – all to live in a place with a much smaller salary to cost of living expense ratio (read: pay cut!)… aack! Yet, I LOVE having things planned out FAR in advance so despite being pessimistic about our ability to get back to Hawaii in January 2012 I wrote the following thing on the bloggity-blog:

“I came up with a new post to write (hopefully daily) called One Happy Thing. For the last year Ryan and I have sort of been living in limbo. Falling over ourselves in a condo we’ve outgrown so that we can save up money. Planning future kids around this time table. Planning out future family traditions that include weekly barbecue picnics at the beach and Sunday dinners with Ryan’s folks. When that time finally comes, I’m going to miss Connecticut and the east coast like crazy. So instead of spending this upcoming year like I did the last, counting pennies and daydreaming of a family home in Hawaii, I’m going to focus on how lucky I am to Live Aloha Connecticut. By focusing in on my One Happy Thing each day. One thing that makes me happy and only happens because of my current location.”

I only made it through 5 days (good job Sonja):

  1. Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
  2. Bedroom Slippers
  3. Cold Houses = Kitteh cuddle sessions
  4. Snow!
  5. Appreciation for those perfect (weather) days

So why am I bringing this up now? Because after some awesome help from the bro-in-law getting my resume circulated around Honolulu… this afternoon I worked out the last details surrounding my new job in Hawaii starting in March 2015. AAHHHHHH!!!!

This evening I cried standing in line for a CT-style lobster roll from a food truck. I teared up thinking about saying goodbye to my friends… people I want in my life forever. I’m going to be such a mess for the next couple of months. And so… in honor of my sappy, crying next few months I give you:

One Happy Thing #6: Lobster Rolls (CT-style: hot and buttered). Because really…. it’s the best thing ever!


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