Oh Barney Barney Barney

Emma’s recently gotten into this stage where she needs to always see where I am (or Ryan) 24/7. If she doesn’t… cue the shitshow. Car rides are no longer a thing she is okay doing when it’s just me and her since she’s in the back by herself and can’t see me. I tried everything to calm her down but so far I’ve only found 1 thing that works: me singing Barney’s “I love you” song. And I have to sing it perkily I might add. She lets me know when I’m not doing it upbeat enough.

Please note that when Barney hit it big in the 90s my sister was his target audience. She loved him and had all the VHS tapes. She watched him incessantly and it drove me insane. I retaliated by going around singing the incredibly inappropriate version of the “I Love You” song about getting HIV and shooting “that purple thing” dead (okay wow that sounds A LOT worse written down….). Meanwhile, fast-forward 20 years and there I was singing the original version non-stop for 40 minutes on our way to see more Christmas lights.

The things I do for you Emma.

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