All about that Gingerbread House

Last week Thursday I had a work function where we paid money to eat, drink and make gingerbread houses and the proceeds went to supporting the Center for Sexual Assault, Counseling and Education in Stamford. It’s a super competitive event so my boss pulled out all the stops and picked up $300 worth of candy from Target for us to use.


In case you were wondering…. we didn’t even come close to winning. I actually wasn’t sure who won but these are my favorites:


The one that says “All About The Bass” had left their iPhone up at the judging table playing Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass”. And that log cabin in the upper right hand corner? Along with the flickering fire they had smoke rising from the chimney. I didn’t even bother submitting mine for judging….


Artistic I am not although hello…. my house has a face! Also…. we were a little messy….


Since no one else wanted our leftover candy I took it home since Ryan had bought the Trader Joe Gingerbread house for Emma and me to build… I might have over done it on the amount of candy I brought home for us to use.


I got to work with my side kick next to me watching me build “our” house while Ryan was upstairs trying not to die as he reran electrical lines to get us electricity back in our bedroom (long story – but holy crap I apparently married mr-fix-it!)

But THEN I felt like the Evil Lord Business from the Lego Movie (OMG if you haven’t seen it – go watch it – it’s awesome (which if you’ve seen the movie…. welcome to my pun-house)! If you haven’t – Lord Business doesn’t let his kid play with Legos. It’s super sad. So I had to rectify the situation and involve Emma – I handed her a candy wrapped in plastic. And when she got bored with that I handed her frosting…. figuring that she wouldn’t know what to do with it.


And OMG she ate it. Worst parent ever! She’s not a fan of apple sauce but frosting…. she loves frosting. Ack!

Anyway…. still not winning any awards… but here’s Emma’s first Gingerbread House!


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