Mililani outlasts Punahou, 53-45, to win its first state football title – Hawaii News – Honolulu Star-Advertiser

November 21, 2014 – The date that the last undefeated team (in Emma’s lifetime) we cheer for finally lost.

I’m not a huge sports fan but after spending the majority of my labor watching the Germany v. US World Cup game (and giving birth within the hour of our loss), I started monitoring the record of the teams I do (occasionally) cheer for to see who remained undefeated since June 26th..

First the Red Sox lost (to the Yankees no less) when Emma was 1 day old. Well Emma, you were born into Red Sox Nation – being disappointed comes with territory.

UH (you really can’t grow up in Hawaii and not cheer for the Rainbow Warriors) continued to be a disaster (they were 1-11 in the prior year) and lost their first football game.

The Packers also lost their first game this season.

BC’s football and basketball teams lost in their second games.

And finally the Buffanblu (yes, my high school mascot is in fact, a color) lost to the school that the majority of my cousins attended.. So I guess, if we had to lose, it might as well be to a great team like Mililani.

Sure would have been nice to be State Champions though…

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