Remember when it wasn’t 30 degrees outside my house

Like during the last weekend in September when it was warm and we all went apple picking because my (at the time) 3-month-old absolutely needed to experience apple picking. Except that the overly cold 2013/2014 winter made for a short apple harvest season (or something like that) and all of the apples within an hours drive from my house were no longer on the trees. And 3-month-old Emma definitely could not do a longer-than-1-hour car ride.

So we trekked over to Harvest Moon Farm and Orchard since they were close and had a festival going on that weekend. We took a couple of apple-picking-esque pictures…

And then filled our pre-paid-for plastic bag full of delicious apples from the bins.

And high-tailed it back down the mountain err hill to enjoy the festivities (read: eat lots of yummy food).

Also – when needing to carry a huge overflowing 1/2 bushel bag of apples up and down a hill I suggest bringing a stroller. Ryan carried Emma in the carrier and I easily pushed a bunch of apples. Even if you don’t have a kid, I seriously recommend bringing a stroller.

Emma totally loved Apple picking day….. or that’s the story I’m sticking with anyway… #WhyDoesEmmaHateSun #NotMyChild

I was also super impressed by the fact that I actually USED the apples! Though a huge shout out to my mother-in-law that peeled hundreds* of apples for various dishes including:

  • Apple sauce
  • Apple Hand Pies with Cheddar Crust
  • Apple Pie – made from extra filling from the hand pies and store bought crust… next time I’ll just use the Apple Hand Pies recipe above but make large pies out of the filling and the dough…. way easier!

I brought them all to work and awed my coworkers.

*Could be a pretty accurate estimation… that bag was never ending. We still had so much more after the first weekend of cooking that we purchased an apple peeler and corer before doing it all over again. Helpful tip: Buy an apple peeler and corer! It was life changing!

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