“People tell you a lot about how much parenting will change your life and they’re right. But usually they mean that you won’t ever sleep in again (you won’t) and a few other things about how much we “give up” to become parents. No one tells you how much you’re going to laugh. No one tells you how much wisdom resides in these small humans, how much they will teach you about love and life and friendship and forgiveness and worship. No one tells you how good and freeing it is to leave your selfishness behind. No one tells you about recapturing your own wonder and innocence, about re-reading the Ramona books, about playing football in the basement, about birthday parties and snow days and every day beauty. All the best things I know about the big nouns and verbs of a life came back into my life because of them.”

Sarah Bessey (via champagnetoasts)

Many of my friends had kids a couple years before me and they would all say the same thing: complaints about the lack of sleep, getting thrown up on, pooped on, you name it. Then they would smile and say it was totally worth it.

I always wanted to have them elaborate. What exactly made it worth it?How can a tiny human be so fantastic that you shrug off explosive diarrhea???

Tonight I came home after finishing my first busy time at work as a mom. This meant weeks of barely seeing Emma (and Ryan) coupled with about 2-3 hours of sleep a night since the beginning of October and no real time to catch up on this loss of sleep during the weekend. I prayed that Emma would go to bed early so I could just pass out. And then while trying to entertain her tonight she started giggling. I would do it again (in this case, pointing out her different body parts while singing “head, shoulders, knees and toes”…) she would giggle harder. I must have used up a good portion of an hours just singing those couple lines over and over again to hear her giggle.

Totally worth it!

(via thepreppyhippielife)

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