Dear Emma,

Happy 3-month birthday gorgeous girl!


This is you in a nutshell:

-You were 12 lbs 6 oz and 24 inches at your 2.5 month doctor’s visit.

-You are obsessed with your activity mat. Specifically the butterflies on your activity mat. They don’t move (without someone manually twirling them) or make noise or light up but they bring a smile to your face (and sometimes even laughter) more than anything else can (including your parents).


-Speaking of laughter. You laugh from time to time. Once it was a real laugh. But mostly it sounds like you are choking to death. Please work on changing that. It’s very terrifying.

-You are being dressed in 6 month footed onesies. They are a little big but you are much too tall for the 0-3 month old ones. Speaking of which, once we accidentally put you in 9 month footed onesies and were scared by how well they fit you.


-You enjoy our dance party mornings (and evenings) and (unfortunately) prefer the soundtrack to your dad’s favorite musical (Rent) over your mom’s (Wicked). Out Tonight is your favorite.

-You sing with me. I think…. I sing and you babble. I stop singing so we can have a “conversation” and you stop as well. Once I start up, you go back to your “singing”.

-You aren’t a fan of the sun. Good for your skin, bad for our future dreams of moving back to Hawaii.

-You are a fan of Hawaiian music, Taylor Swift videos and going with dad to take out the trash each night to the dumpster down the street (to each her own).

-You hate tummy time. But hate it less now than before.


-You hate bows on your head. You hate hats on your head. Really you just hate anything on your head. Mom is working on changing that.


-You aren’t quite sure what to make of the cats. So you try to go with ignoring them.


-Your favorite toys are your hands. You are currently working on stuffing your entire fist in your mouth.

-Throughout your three months your favorite things have been Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets and WubbaNub Pacifiers. Both times you have moved on from being obsessed with these items right around the time I caved and bought you more of the same items from Amazon.

-You have changed from sleeping all swaddled up to sleeping in a Mel Gibson-Braveheart-pose in a sleep sack.


-You smile all the time in the mornings but refuse to smile for the camera.

-You are not all smiles in the evening HOWEVER you just slept through the night. Again. The last time I said that on here you stopped after a week. Fingers crossed that I didn’t just jinx it.

-Your favorite book is The Lorax. Much smaller books will cause you to cry but when it comes to the Lorax, you settle in to be read to.

-But most important of all, you are so so so so so loved you crazy girl.


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