In today’s chapter of Sonja-finds-random-crap-while-cleaning-out-the-house I give you: Sonja’s Resolutions circa 2010…. I think… one of my goals referenced being 130 lbs by my bro-in-laws wedding in 2010. (Note: I definitely broke that resolution.)

But weight resolutions are boring. Here are my more favorite items:

– Cut down on sauce intake. (Hahaha this should still be on there… I love me some sauces. I eat steak just so I can have steak sauce.)

– Do not look at computer before bed, it impedes melatonin levels. (But that’s when I catch up on Tumblr….)

– Stay on Nutrisystem until ALL food is gone (Ewww Nutrisystem is gross – I cancelled that crap.)

– Finish painting bathroom by year-end. (So that one is still open…)

-Read 1 quality book every 2 weeks. (Not sure what “good quality” means…. but pretty sure I read the Twilight series around that time.)

– Teach kittehs their name by year-end. (Youz guyz, I’m seriously proud of this one. Sushi and Sox were over two years old before they learned their names and I had been worried they never would learn them. Spam knew his within the first month).

– Bathe cats quarterly. (Bwahahahaha. What was I smoking? I would be dead. Like Red Wedding dead!)

– Wear dresses more. (I have NO idea what this was about but ever since I got pregnant I’ve been anti pants so its all the dresses all the time over here.)

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