I’ve noticed my mom, Ryan, and I all have very different things that we do repeatedly with Emma (and can I say thank god my mom’s repertoire includes tummy time because OMG with the screaming). Meanwhile, Ryan’s biggest teaching plan includes “pet Spam.” Each day he brings our friendliest furball over and teaches Emma to pet him. It has resulted in Spam adoring Emma. Emma seems plus/minus on Spam and doesn’t even acknowledge the other two.


The other day I came downstairs with Emma and saw all three furballs on the couch together. I knew it was a long shot but if I could plop Emma into the mix…. best photo ever! Of course it didn’t work. The second I put Emma down, Sushi and Sox bolted. But Spam trotted up to her and my jaw nearly hit the floor when she reached out to pet him*.

*I mean her fist remained closed and her hand pretty much just hovered in the air next to his head but still!

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