Sleeping when baby sleeps…

8:30 AM – Emma falls asleep in my arms. All my baby books seem to say that a good mother would wake up her daughter and place her in her crib so that she doesn’t end up depending on being held in order to go to sleep. Screw it – tiptoe over to the swing and place her in it so I can crash on the couch.

8:45 AM – Beautiful beautiful sleep!!! There’s knocking at the door – whatever they will go away…. Crap that’s the doorbell.

9:00 AM – Go me! Talked to the person at the door while NOT waking Emma. Sleep beautiful sleep! Ahhh!!! Cold cold cold. Wet wet wet. Looks like Sushi wanted to nominate me for the ice water bucket challenge and spilled my very full cup of iced water all over me and the couch. Side note: he’s now pissed that his paw got wet. Well, gee. I’m soooo sorry for you!

9:15 AM – Will worry about that couch later, and just relocate myself to the other couch… Err love seat where my legs stick off the ends. Doesn’t matter. Owww moved to fast getting up and now that pesky butt muscle pain I have is spasming. Boo!

9:30 AM – The literal pain [on] my ass has finally stopped. Sleep sleep sleep! Why why why is Spam using my stomach as his personal trampoline?

9:45 AM – Cats are sleeping, kid is sleeping. I am sleep…. And that would be my alarm telling me that it’s time to pump.

10:15 AM – Impressive I managed to spill pumped milk all over me. Guess I can squeeze in a shower (my first in a couple days…) before she wakes up in 15 minutes.

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