Garage Door Update

Can I just say go Better Business Bureau?!

I received an email this morning saying that they had contacted the company regarding my complaint and gave them 14 days to respond. I did feel stupid last night writing that my resolution request was just that they respond to our phone calls and fix the 1 tiny broken piece of our motor for their quoted price of $75 instead of telling us they couldn’t come back out unless we bought a new motor from them for the price of $1K+ (after we already paid $1K for them to fix the wheels and other parts that are completely USELESS without a working motor). I’m dramatic…. I may have said it felt like extortion.

Now maybe I was just impatient and the complaint never made it past the spam mailbox of someone in the company (in which case oops!) but guess who called Ryan today to set up an appointment to fix the damn thing free of charge.

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