First World Problem of the day

It’s day 14 of not having a working garage door. I was just getting the hang of juggling all my crap and a newborn into my nicely-shielded-from-the-hot-sun-and-swarming-wasps car and am now learning the joys of juggling all my crap and a newborn and shielding that newborn from wasps and learning to sprint from putting Emma in the car to starting the engine and blasting the AC, and fighting others for the 4 coveted visitor spots in the entire condo complex and making sure I move that car once every 24 hours so I don’t get yelled at by the grumpy old men on the condo board (especially since we are usually on good terms with them as we are not drug dealers like our other neighbors).

So in my anger at the garage door servicing company that I feel is totally trying to extort more money from us in order to fix said door, I used the blessed hours from 11 PM – 1 AM when Emma was asleep to complain about the company on Yelp, to the BBB, and tweet my yelp review. (But that’s okay, who needs to take a shower anyway?)

Meanwhile, I clearly think I am this:

While I am clearly this:

Also, I strained my butt muscle because I didn’t work out for 10 months and now have trouble doing crazy things like walking, standing, and rolling over.

This has been a SUPER whiny post!

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