Meanwhile, I didn’t want my last post up on the blog to be so negative so I figured I’d get in a more positive one before calling it a night.

Before Emma came along I envisioned outings everyday to show her the world (I didn’t exactly listen when everyone told me that newborns cannot see that well and sleep a lot in the beginning). I envisioned trips to the library, museums, zoos and aquariums. Then she was born and I always came up with a reason to not take her out: too tired, too much things to pack, too many germs… you name it. Until I realized I had a child that wasn’t ever leaving the house. How sad! And that’s when I stumbled upon a blog called Rookie Moms. A blog just for scared-to-be-in-the-outside-world-with-their-kids moms. A blog that gave you challenge to do to get out of the house with (and sometimes without) your kid. So I slowly started working on their challenges. Some were complete failures filled with meltdowns and some were raging successes. I think today was one of those successes.

A couple of blocks away from my office is a little plaza that on the weekdays gets filled with food trucks for the lunch crowd. I had seen signs up last year for the trucks and yet still never made it down until going on maternity leave this summer. So on some select days Emma and I make our way to my office’s parking lot (Stamford downtown parking isn’t too bad anyway but hey, free is better than cheap!) and then we leisurely strolled to Veterans Park to grab a bite to eat.


Emma chilling out while I munched on Arepas a couple weeks ago.

In the past I’ve shown up as the trucks were shutting down for the day so there were no crowds (and therefore no worry about me being embarrassed if she had a meltdown). But today I was trying to stick to my newly enacted schedule (of naps versus awake times), which meant we were ready to go right at noon when the crowds were there. Eek! But it went great! Lots of people watching and a couple guys on guitars to serenade us all.


Today’s adventure

Then on our way back to my car I passed by two familiar faces enjoying lunch outside the office, my boss and another colleague. So we sat and chatted for another hour and caught each other up on our summers with a happy Emma looking on. Considering that after Ryan, these are the people I hang around the most (actually on a weekday during the quarter I hang out with them A LOT more than Ryan sadly), I wonder if Emma recognized their voices…..

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