Ahhhh I have found Emma’s halloween costume!!!


How cute is this kid modeling Mommaloha’s costume on etsy, btw?

Because I’ve been living under a rock I have never bought anything from etsy before but I’m super excited to make this my first purchase!

In 2002, my two male besties and I decked ourselves out in the tackiest Hawaii garb we could find and went to watch Lilo and Stitch the day it was released.

Later that year when I was one of the dance choreographers for our annual BC luau, I watched Lilo’s dance over and over again and taught it to some of the girls as one of the numbers.


I even went hunting through several disney stores till I found (and bought) the Stitch doll that would talk back to you if you asked it questions.

“Stitch, are you hungry?”

“Not anymore. I ate your food!”


AND NOW…. my constantly hungry, messy and grunty daughter has the perfect first halloween costume.

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