Breastfeeding by the bottle

I know it happens to everyone, but with my ridiculous Type A personality and desire to schedule everything 6 months in advance my vision of having a baby was grossly mistaken. Some things I thought would be tremendously hard are pretty easy (bathtime, putting clothes on over her head, knowing when to change a diaper – oh that last one is SUPER easy…) and other things are much harder (I really do get about the same amount of sleep I typically got during the busy periods at work but I’m MUCH more tired now). And at the height of the things that turned out to be much harder…. breastfeeding.

This is probably a really boring subject to most people but I would spend hours trying to find a blogger who wrote about getting her baby’s tongue-tiedness taken care of or someone who solely expressed breastfed (aka breastfeeding via a pump only) just to see what their state of mind was, did it match mine, was there ANYONE out there going through the same problems I was? So I figured I’d add my story to those on the interwebs help out anyone in the future looking for those same answers.

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