Does anyone else have these ridiculous maternity leave policies?

  • I know I’m incredibly lucky to get paid maternity leave at all but dealing with all the paperwork and hoops are driving me bonkers. Here was today’s ordeal:
  • Me (to OB nurse):Do you think the doctors could sign a form for my maternity leave… It just details out when I am allowed to go back to work.
  • Nurse:Okay… When are you going back?
  • Me:End of September.
  • Nurse:(looking awkward) oh…. Well I can check but we usually only say you need 6 weeks off from work.
  • Me:That’s fine. I actually need it to close out my first maternity leave which ends today. I need permission from you guys to go back to work. Once I get permission to go back to work I can start the paperwork to continue to take maternity leave.
  • Nurse:(blank stare)

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