Haven’t been this sober since high school…. sigh

Ryan always jokes that I picked everything from my OB to the hospital based on the fact that at Greenwich I could get a lobster dinner after I gave birth. After countless OB appointments, ultrasounds, stress tests, and birthing classes I can (and typically do) rattle off the hundreds of reasons why I think the Greenwich Hospital and my OB practice are absolutely amazing. But Ryan does have a point. Before I was ready to have a kid I was irritated with how long of a drive I had to make to get to my current OB (her practice had moved after I had started going to her) and so I went around asking for recommendations of practices affiliated with the Greenwich hospital specifically so that I could get that lobster dinner when it was time to have kids. In the past it was actually a lobster / champagne dinner, but they downgraded along with everyone else during the recession to just lobster (#FirstWorldProblems… clearly!). However, the hospital is more than happy to chill your beverage of choice for you. And so, Ryan went out and bought an amazing champagne and had it chilled from the day Emma came into the world. After all, 9 months sober was quite enough for me.

Except that to this day I am STILL on blood pressure meds due to my preecclampsia (although slowly getting weaned off of it – yahoo!) and so the doctor brought down a NO DRINKING rule until I am off of it all-together…. boo!!!

I seriously want to get this shirt with the number upped to say “10 months.” GRRRR


The hospital did take pity on me and said I could have a couple sips during my celebration / lobster dinner and our good friends R & L had just so happened to stop by with a mini bottle of Asti (my favorite!) earlier that day when they came to meet Emma. It was perfect for the job!


This has been a LONG post to whine that I haven’t (except for 2 sips) had alcohol since September 29th…. yes, I do remember the date!

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