Seriously, something is wrong with me

I am great at never worrying about work when I’m on vacation.

When massive layoffs happened at my company a little over a year ago and my hours jumped from leaving at 9 PM during the busy times to leaving at 4 AM, I joked that I was going to get knocked up so I could have a break.

I’ve been counting down the days until my maternity leave from day one.

I complained to my friends at my baby shower that co-workers were telling me they’d call me on my leave to ask me questions. I asked my friends if it was a career limiting move to tell them all that if they called me on maternity leave I may quit on them. (The concensus from my friends was an overwhelming YES in the CLM bucket.)

But today it happened. Today I started Day 1 of maternity leave. And by 10 AM I had been on my work email for 1.5 hours cleaning out past emails and then calling my boss to discuss how things were going. (I could hear her shaking her head at me through the phone as she told me to relax, enjoy leave and to only contact her going forward with pictures of my baby.)

I got off the phone and didn’t know what to do with myself so I figured it was time to get ready for my first day as a free woman. It’s going to involve a trip to my office to have lunch with some co-worker/friends I haven’t hung out with recently. (Before you think I’m more of a whack job than you already do – I’m going to preface this by saying I’m just parking there because it’s free parking in downtown Stamford and the easiest place to meet up with everyone.)

Seriously, what is wrong with me???

I shouldn’t have made fun of my dad so much when he retired.

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