I spent my first day on work-from-home-because-I’m-huge status camped out in front of the TV with episodes of Sister Wives to catch up on. I have to say, this series did A LOT to change my own closed-mindedness about polygamy as I went from a stance of oh the horrors to a stance of oh hell, to each their own as long as everyone entering into marriage / sexual relations are consenting adults. But the episode that aired last night KILLED ME because it moved away from their typical conservative, polygamist lifestyle discussing that when you kiss your hormones go into the other person’s mouth (I’m not even joking) to one about entering into the business world. In fact the episode annoyed me so much I just had to recap the excruciating scenes below. I can’t imagine I’m spoiling this for anyone since I don’t know anyone else that actually watches this series… but just in case, my LONG synopsis is after the jump.

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