My work peeps are such slave drivers!

  • Me:Can you believe that I told everyone that I’d be out of pocket from 9-11 today so everyone scheduled back to back meetings with me starting at 7?! Ridiculous!!!
  • Ryan:Sucks! What are you doing from 9-11?
  • Me:I have my weekly doctor’s appointment, then I’m going to the hospital to pre-register for my hospital stay….. and then I figured while I was out and about I might as well get a mani / pedi.
  • Ryan:(Side eyes) …and then you are going to work?
  • Me:Yup – or well I’m showing up at my company’s annual picnic at the park for the rest of the day – which is why I NEED a mani / pedi!
  • Ryan:You are right. Your day is really rough. (…possibly followed by some griping about how he was leaving at 6 to get into the office to start his long work day.)

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