Due to the very heavy beach ball I’m carrying I have a hard time staying asleep at night which means that midnight typically finds me wide awake cursing the clock, myself and the fact that I still have 1.5 weeks of work to get through. Last night I gave up trying to go back to bed and flipped on the TV and what did I find? A Teen Mom special about three of my all time favorite degenerate fathers Ryan Rahn, Jo, and Corey…. except unlike in Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 these three guys were shown as OMG the BEST FATHERS EVER.

Dear MTV,

Please make this a recurring series and not a one-time special. I need Teen Mom Dads in my life.

Also, a need to share spoiler: Ryan Rahn’s hair is already turning gray. Dude is what, 21 years old or something like that? Woah.

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